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From data-driven product innovations and brand development based on real customer needs to maximum automation of operational sales processes

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We are changing product development and sales. Successful products and brands meet customer needs. Amazon has by far the largest market penetration in E-Commerce in numerous countries worldwide. Most product searches today start on Amazon, no longer on Google. Thus Amazon has become by far the largest product search engine worldwide. In order to understand the general needs of the customer, it is necessary to analyze the search intentions and the behavior of Amazon customers. This data is the starting point for successful product development. Whole brands are built backwards directly from customer needs. Products and brands thus reflect the wishes of customers. Due to Amazon's general position, this approach has also become increasingly relevant outside the Amazon ecosystem, i.e. for all companies that develop and distribute products, both online and stationary.


Our mission is to develop tools for the entire product life cycle. Starting with the preparation of data on customer needs for product innovation and development to the automation of the sales process in E-Commerce. We focus on logical and self-explanatory processes. The data generated by our tools is relevant for all companies that develop and sell physical products, i.e. from amazon sellers to manufacturers of products that are distributed via stationary channels.

100% customer centered - thinking backwards from the customer
Maximum automated processes
Logical process flows that support the operative business

Tool Suite

With our tools we focus on the professional use in companies. There is a basic suite for sellers of all sizes and additional individual enterprise solutions with integrations and customizations.
We know from experience how important it is to ensure coordinated processes and automatic procedures. Our tools are developed from our own experience and problems and are created for practical use.
It is extremely important to us that our tools can be used not only by professional users of operational activities. Managers must also be able to access insights quickly and easily. For this purpose, intuitive usability and self-explanatory presentation are indispensable.
Our goal is to align the tool suite with the entire business process and to eliminate inefficiencies. We develop tools that provide automated processes for product selection and development, content generation, marketing management and controlling of the entire E-Commerce business.
The tools are both industry and channel independent. As soon as physical products are involved, the tools can be used. Thus it also includes, for example, the support of multi-channel and cross-channel measures (e.g. RoPo effects) of stationary retailers.
We include our many years of practical operational experience from various industries as well as organizational sizes and structures into the tools. We know what it is like to build and manage E-Commerce and cross-channel businesses in several industries. Our solution approaches can be integrated pragmatically and effectively into everyday business.


Our team consists of experts in the fields of E-Commerce, retail, digital and tech. We have many years of experience in well-known consultancies, corporations, medium-sized companies as well as in start-ups as consultants, team leads, managing directors and freelancers and bring the necessary knowledge for our projects from practical experience. We can look back on numerous projects in the last 10 years and look forward to an exciting exchange with you.


deepchange Network

We are part of the deepchange Holding. Within the deepchange network there are currently three companies operating in the field of E-Commerce with different focuses. The first company is a retailer that primarily sells products of all kinds on amazon in cooperation with partners. The second is an E-Commerce consultancy. And the third company is the software company you are now familiar with, which develops tools for the analysis of E-Commerce data & process automation and makes them available as SaaS products. Accordingly, we can bring a broad expertise from our own business activities to our projects. Within the network there are also other experts whose expertise ranges from sales, tech and legal to technical product innovations.

If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got. - Mark Twain, Henry Ford